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Join us to start building both your lifestyle and business alongside other online entrepreneurs in world’s most exotic cities. Prague Aug 1 - Sep 30 - Early Bird Price until June 30.

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What is The Growth House?

It’s the first international entrepreneurship and lifestyle design incubator of its kind.

We only have 4 spots remaining to fill out our next Growth House collaborative for August and September in the one and only Prague, Czech Republic.

If selected, you’ll join 6 other incredible guys focused on business and social growth for 8 intensive weeks.

Growth House participants are digital nomads comprised from a diversity of backgrounds determined to bring their online business, health and lifestyle goals to the next level!

You can think of The Growth House as a business and lifestyle design boot camp focused towards EXPONENTIALLY GROWTH in the following areas:

Start a profitable online business by learning the keys to quickly and effectively validating your ideas.
Learn how to automate and grow an existing online business with our powerful productivity skills and disciplines.
Upgrade your goal-setting and planning skills that will make you an effective entrepreneur.
Be part of a collaborative and networked business environment that will keep you focused on the most important elements of growing your business.
Measure your progress day-to-day and week-to-week in a fun and novel group environment that makes work time the most KICKASS part of the week.
Good bye procrastination!
Morning group meditation or yoga.
One daily, 30-minute strength training session.
13 task-focused, high-productivity, Pomodoro Timer blocks per work day (25-minute work period followed by a 5-minute break).
One daily, 30-minute Hot Seat session per day.
Weekly accountability partners to keep you on task and progressing toward your goals.
Accountability partners offer frequent guidance and feedback checking up on your work tasks and health goals.
Accountability partners provide wingman emotional and social support
Growth House accountability cultivates radical honesty and transparency among members.
Define your lifetime, yearly, monthly and weekly goals.
Break down each goal into actionable tasks that will drive you to achieve them.
Build limitless mindsets that spur audacious desires paired with the productivity tools to harness them.
Cultivate 100% Honesty and Authenticity in all areas of your life.
Develop the skills to give 100% honest and effective feedback to your Growth House brothers.
Learn how to accept feedback without taking it personal so that you can accelerate your growth.
Become aware of your negative behavioral patterns so you can change them into positive ones.
Identify and address your biases and blindspots to rapidly support your growth.
Plug-in to a strong group mentality of achievement, creativity and limitless mindsets.
Build lifelong friendships and join a growing tribe of like-minded men focused on attaining lifestyle success.
Leverage expansive Growth House member knowledge and experience around business and health.
The daily Hot Seat allows one Growth House member to bring a business or personal issue to the attention of the group and receive feedback from the group.
Keeps you focused on the most important tasks.
Builds your ability to listen as well as receive constructive feedback without becoming defensive.
Helps you discover your unhelpful behavioral patterns, unconscious biases and blindspots.
Live With Entrepreneurs and Like Minded People
Remember, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
Accelerate Achievement
You have the ability to unleash who you really are. Let the group know
Join the Growth House to exponentially accelerate the achievement of your lifestyle goals with 6 other like minded men on the same path as you!
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What’s Included If You’re Selected To Join?

  • A quality room in our centrally located Prague apartment.

  • A desk in our digital nomad coworking space.

  • A environment conducive to grow your business and collaborate with other Growth House participants.

  • An instant community of like-minded individuals.

  • A local, Czech Republic SIM card.

  • A Chef that will also clean the house and do shopping

  • Masterminds, Hot Seats and Feedback sessions.

  • Reliable House and work WiFi.


Any questions?